Driving long term operational excellence and competitive advantage through optimizing shutdowns & turnarounds to deliver measurable & valuable impact to your business bottom line


Successful shutdowns, turnarounds and outages require the disciplined application of proven processes and interdepartmental partnerships. It is important for departments that are influenced and impacted by the processes to understand them. The industries around the world are filled with examples of unplanned shutdowns which caused massive overruns in costs and difficulty in resource planning. There have been instances where the facilities are forced to shut-down and upgrade to be compliant. On the other side, avoiding shutdowns that have ignored the discipline have faced negative consequences including loss of lives.

With stricter government regulations, ageing assets, complex technologies & limited resources, there is a need for plant shutdown & turnaround strategies that minimize risks, gain certainty and achieve operational excellence in the stipulated time avoiding budget overruns. The integrity of infrastructure and equipment is of critical importance to ensure continued production and to aid provision of a safe working environment.

In the light of this the Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds Summit 2019 will bring together the key industry players from the process industries in the market to discuss the current issues and future opportunities in the industry. The event will discuss the strategy and operational aspects involved right from the planning stage through to the execution and the post shutdown stages, keeping the integrity of the assets and safety factors at the core, while aligning the entire process with the organizational goals.



  • A sneak preview into the right strategy for effective shutdowns & turnarounds
  • Asset integrity management & maintenance - The driving force
  • Shutdown & turnaround excellence with digital transformation: Going beyond 4.0
  • Efficient contractor management for shutdown & turnaround excellence
  • Identifying & addressing risk & compliance in shutdowns & turnarounds
  • Ensuring zero incident turnaround with better safety management


  • Manufacturing
  • Shutdown & Turnaround
  • Asset Integrity
  • Reliability & Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Inspection
  • Plant & Site Operations
  • Oil & Energy
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining & Metals


With Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds Summit, the participants will be able to effectively:

  • Draft a Shutdown & Turnaround strategy keeping asset integrity at the core
  • Handle the challenges & discoveries posed by shutdowns & turnarounds and ensure completion of STOs within time & budget
  • Manage contractor relationships effectively
  • Ensure zero idle time of both equipment and human resources during shutdowns
  • Train and manage human resource and aim towards zero incident turnaround
  • Use data and information for better understanding on equipments and facilitate the STO
  • Use technology for smarter and efficient management of turnarounds

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